How to Receive More (and More Easily!): Mastering the Feminine Receptive Mode

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You are *meant* to receive love and affection by default, but women often struggle to receive easily in relationships.

If you find yourself...

* Overthinking and agonizing ("Will he or won't he?")

* Strategizing and controlling ("How can I *get* him to do it?")

Overanalyzing and obsessing ("What did it mean when he did * x?" Or didn't do y? Where do we stand?")

... it doesn't have to be this way! It gets to be way more fun and pain free when you know how to receive!

In this master class, learn how you're blocking the love and attention men want to give and what to do instead to open the floodgates.

Whether it's more "I Love You's," a bouquet of flowers, the ultimate commitment, or help around the house, once you know how to easily shift in to the feminine receptive mode, your romantic needs and wants can be fulfilled while your man gets to feel like your hero ♡

"This was one of my very favorite classes! "

"Love & need this"

"Replaying again!!! I love this class!!!!! "